Tuesday, December 15, 2009

28 Weeks!

Where is the time going? I'm already 28 (almost 29 now!) weeks into this pregnancy. Tomorrow I go in for my glucose test and my first appointment with my new doctor (sadly, my regular OB is having a baby and will be on maternity leave until after my baby is born).

I am feeling large and in charge, and having a lot more aches and pains, but overall I feel pretty decent, and actually have a bit of energy right now. I'm sure that will go away soon! I actually think maybe this is the best I've ever felt while pregnant. I'm furiously knocking on wood as I type this of course!!

It's a little overwhelming to think that in about 2 and a half months we will have TWO children. I'm nervous about how Mara will adjust, and if I'll ever get any sleep! It's all becoming a little more real, as I feel the baby moving so much more now, and think about how close March is!

Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly for the rest of the pregnancy!


Andrea said...

I still can't believe you're so far through your pregnancy already! Feels like you just announced it yesterday!

Love the pic of you and Mara! =-)

Claudia said...

Awww! Katie, you look so great!