Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Fun

Last night we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner (mmmm cheesy buscuits!). We've been cutting back on eating out lately, but had a couple gift cards, and needed to get out of the house. Mara behaved pretty well for most of dinner, but she gets tired of sitting in a highchair, so we didn't stick around too long! She really didn't want to ride in her stroller after that, so we attempted to let her walk. It worked out ok. She gets distracted (she giggled and stared at every person that walked by us), and then goes too fast and falls, but we eventually made it back to the parking ramp!

Today Mara and I hung out together at home while Daddy worked. It was too hot to do much outside (we don't have any shade, and not much room outside anyway), so we played inside mostly. Mara has figured out how to climb on whatever she needs to, to get to what she wants, which I discovered today! I see lots of trouble in our future! We did go outside for a little while to water plants and play on the patio. Mara's so funny - after I water all of the plants, she picks up the empty watering can and goes to each plant and imitates what I just did. It's crazy how much she picks up just by watching us!

While Mara napped today, I looked into some more daycare options. We felt like we really wanted to go to a center, but I'm re-thinking that now (they are so expensive, and there are SO many germs!) so I've set up interviews with 4 different in-home daycares for next week so far. It's such a big process, but we're hopeful that we can find a good place to send Mara once Jay goes back to school full time in the fall!

More adventures tomorrow I'm sure!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are SO ADORABLE! I can't wait to get my hands on that baby (I may have a few Elmira moments...).