Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Mara loves being outside, and it's nice when we go to a place where she can really run around. The kid never seems to run out of energy!!

This past Sunday we went to my cousin Nicole's high school graduation party. Nicole lives on a farm, so there was lots to see and do there. Mara doesn't like to sit still, so she was pretty happy to get out and run around. My Aunt Lois found the cool car in the first picture for her to play with, and she loved sitting in it and trying to beep the horn. She 'helped' Uncle Dave and Daddy play beanbags for awhile, and played with Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle's dog Dori. Then she got to see some cows too. I thought she would be more interested in them than she was - maybe she just wasn't excited because they didn't move much or make much noise. We tried to get her to say cow, but the closest we got was "Ow!" (and no, we weren't pinching her!)

She had a lot of fun running around, but somehow I think I ended up more exhausted than she did! Chasing her around is a lot of work!

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Andrea said...

Looks like she had some fun in the cozy coupe! You guys might have to get one of those now! =-)