Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Great Bottle Battle

We've been wanting to wean Mara off of bottles for awhile, but the time never seemed right. Finally we decided to just go for it. She was ignoring her cups most of the time and being way too dependent on the bottles.

So Monday morning Jay gave her a bottle for breakfast, and then cups with milk the rest of the day. It didn't go great. She wasn't happy about not getting her bottles, and she let us know it! She wouldn't drink anything out of the cup, but would carry it around with her. We tried a few different cups to see if any one would be easier, but she was equally unhappy with all of them.

Tuesday was the same. Jay gave her a bottle in the morning to make sure that she'd get at least SOME milk, but that was it. I did get her to drink at least some water out of a regular glass, but otherwise she ignored the cups completely, and was not a happy girl.

On Wednesday we decided no more bottles at all. We did sneak milk into some of her foods, to make sure she was still getting some, but otherwise, we just kept offering her the cup. Again, she wasn't happy with us. But I was thrilled on Wednesday night when she picked up her cup and drank the whole thing!

Thursday she did ok - she wanted us to hold the cup for her when she drank, but at least she was drinking from it.

Friday she started to boycott the cup again, but then drank a lot in the evening. And so far today she's drinking it well - sometimes on her own, and sometimes with our help. She seems to be in a much better mood now that she's getting hydrated again!

It was definitely an interesting week, but we're glad we did it when we did, and happy that we can finally pack away the bottles! I'm sure there will still be times when she will miss them, but overall, we're really pleased with how things are going!!

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