Sunday, August 1, 2010

Como Zoo

We took a little trip up to Como Zoo on Saturday to check it out. I haven't been there since I was a kid, and all I remembered was Sparky the seal! It was a nice, hot day, so the zoo was packed, but we had a pretty good time checking out the animals!

Next time we'll plan to take a picnic lunch...I had been planning on it, but didn't end up happening...and food is ridiculously priced there!! Oh's free to get in (they take donations), so I guess they have to make money somewhere!

Mara really loves giraffes, and had an absolute blast feeding one at the Minnesota Zoo last year. She looked at these and exclaimed "Raffs!" but otherwise wasn't super interested, I guess because we weren't that close to them, so it wasn't as exciting!

She's checking out the giraffes here. They held her interest for longer than any of the other animals at least!
We had to check out the giraffe statues too!

The gorilla was pretty entertaining (for me at least!). I'm pretty sure he was looking right at us because Mara was yelling about something. ;) I kept telling her to look at the 'big monkey' (she loves monkeys), and was corrected by a little boy -- 'that's a gorilla!' with a look that told me he thought I was pretty dumb. :)
EJ was pretty quiet the whole time...just enjoyed the ride! He fell asleep after we were there for awhile. He was a lot easier than Mara, who wanted in and out of her stroller the whole time!! :)
Overall, it was a pretty fun time. I'd like to go back again in the fall when it's a little cooler, and maybe a little less crowded.

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