Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"I'm Swimming!"

Last weekend we visited our friends and spent some time outside, and in their pool. I wasn't sure what Mara would think about it, but she loved it! At first she wanted me to hold onto her tightly, but soon she was floating around by herself and having a blast!

At one point she exclaimed: "I'm swimming!" It was fun to see her so excited about it!

EJ enjoyed himself from the deck. Maybe next year he'll be having fun in the pool too!

After the pool fun, the kids played inside. It was fun to see them play together! We've been getting together since they were babies, and they are interacting a lot more now and having fun together!

There was even a little picnic table just for the kids (and Maggie!)

After dinner, Mara enjoyed playing in the sandbox too. She was in Heaven with all the fun outside activities!

Both kids were pretty wiped out from an exciting afternoon and lots of fresh air. It was a great day in the sunshine with friends!

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