Friday, July 16, 2010

Elijah is 4 months old!

But wait...I never even posted pictures from when he was 3 months old!! he is at 3 months old (June 16th)

And here he is from today, 4 months old!

He is getting so big! He is obsessed with his hands, and is also reaching for and playing with a few toys now. Mostly his giraffe and a moose rattle. Mara claims these are both hers, and I guess she is technically right...she did have both of them as a baby!

He loves smiling and laughing, and mostly watching Mara...she is very entertaining! He loves his jumparoo, and has even tried out his exersaucer a few times. He is constantly rolling around, and prefers to sleep on his tummy now. He is down to 4-5 bottles a day, which is nice, and he refuses to take a pacifier (which is ok, but sometimes I wish he would take one!).

The last four months have really flown by, and it's bittersweet seeing him grown and change so much!

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