Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the face...

...of a child that is up to no good.

But how you can resist it???

Mara was sick earlier this week, but she is back to her normal self now. It was just a quick 24 hour bug luckily.

Jay started back to school this week -- he's had clinicals all week and I think he's ready to be able to sleep in a little later than 5:20 tomorrow! (He has his only actual 'class' on Fridays, and he doesn't have to be there until 8).

It's Mara's first week of 5 days at daycare (although she missed a day and a half because she was sick). It will be odd bringing her tomorrow...I am used to being on my own on Friday mornings! I'm sure she will have fun though, she seems to enjoy her time at daycare!

That's my quick update for now!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

nah...i think you should still stick it to him and make him get up with her! HA! just kidding jay! =-)