Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here we are, already a week into January! Where does the time go? We had a quiet New Year here...Jay and I managed to stay awake to see the ball drop on TV. Did I mention it was at 11pm though? We watched it drop on the East Coast and then went to sleep. That counts for something though, right?

After having some time off of work, I went back this week. I miss the free time, but it's nice to get back into a routine again. Jay goes back to school next week (well, it's mostly clinicals, not much classroom time), and Mara will start going to daycare five days a week instead of four days, which she's been doing since she started.

Since it's a new year, and a year of many changes for us, I'm trying to focus on some goals and getting myself organized. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and nervous thinking about bringing another baby into our family -- I'm hoping by getting some areas of our lives a little better organized, things will run a little smoother! We'll see how that all works out. It sounds great in theory though!

In baby news...I'm already 32 weeks pregnant! The baby is very active now. I have absolutely no clue or gut feeling as to whether the baby is a girl or a boy. I'm excited to find out! I just can't believe how quickly March is approaching!!

Happy New Year...hope the year will be a great one!

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Andrea said...

no gut feelings? how can that be?!?!?! =-)

don't will figure things out as a mama of two. if i can do it, anyone me! though i do recommend continuing with your thought of being as organized as possible. it will definitely help! that's one area i am lacking in these days and it makes things a little difficult! =-)