Friday, August 7, 2009

Dad's Grand Re-Opening

In mid-July my Dad had a Grand Re-Opening party for his new shop. There were refreshments, and drawing for prizes. A lot of people came out to show their support and see the new shop, which was really great! It's so exciting to see him back in business after several months. In December his original shop was destroyed by fire, and it has been a long process, but with help from family and friends, the new shop is now built. I know there are a lot of people that are really happy he's back to work - he's already very busy!

The picture of Mara with my Dad is one of my favorite pictures! My dad very rarely smiles for pictures, but I guess Mara just brings it out in him! She even wore her tractor overalls in honor of the special day!

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Claudia said...

That's SO awesome!! I remember seeing pictures in December of his burned up shop and I remember feeling so sad and devestated for you and your family. I, too, LOVE that picture of Mara and your dad. So sweet and precious. Just an FYI: my blog is (finally) up and running.