Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy July

July has been a busy month, and I have been a bad blogger! Most of the photos are up on facebook, so I won't post them here too, but here's a brief recap of a few things we've been up to this month!

We celebrated the 4th of July at my parents house with lots of extended family. Mara had a blast running around all day, and exhausting us!

We went to Toronto for a week in early July. It was a tiring trip, but nice to see Jay's family and friends, and we got to go to Alex and Lisa's wedding too! Mara did really well for being so out of her element. My parents came for part of the trip too, and were able to do a lot of sight-seeing and have a little vacation. Mara was definitely happy to get home though, she was excited to get into her crib, which was a relief! It's always nice to get back to a normal routine!

Earlier in the month we decided on a daycare for Mara to start at next month. I'm nervous to have her going back to daycare again since we are so used to having her at home during the day. It will be different to have to get her up in the morning with me every day again! I think she will fit in well at the daycare though, so we are optimistic that it will work out well!

My Dad had a grand re-opening for his new shop last weekend. I'll share some photos from that in a separate entry!

And yesterday started the 3 weekends in a row of baby showers for my sister Michelle! Baby girl is due in about 6 weeks - can't wait to meet her!!

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Jenna said...

yay Katie is finally going to be an Aunt! Its the best! :)

..I keep checkin to see if youre ever going to update this. I thought maybe you gave it up! Glad youre back!