Friday, December 10, 2010

So Behind!

I am very behind on my blogging! EJ is almost 9 months old and I haven't posted his 8 month pictures yet... It's getting close to Christmas and I haven't posted about Thanksgiving yet...


Oh well! I'll catch up when I have a few spare moments!!

For now, just a quick update on our lives! We're keeping busy. November was an interesting month for me, because Jay worked 2nd shift the whole month. That meant I was on my own with the kids every day (before and after work) and we only really saw Jay on the weekends. I figured out some routines that worked, and made it through the month, but it was a little rough at times! I'm definitely used to having that extra set of hands!! It doesn't look like he will work that kind of schedule again for awhile, so that's nice. I can handle 2nd shift, but 4 full weeks of it in a row was a bit much! Jay is enjoying his job though, so that's great!

EJ and Mara are both doing great. They both moved up to new rooms at daycare. Mara is officially in a preschool room, and EJ is with the 'big' babies! It was a little bittersweet for me. He seems to really like it in there and is doing great, but it makes him seem so grown up all of a sudden! Both kids enjoyed seeing Santa (pictures to come!) and are going to be in a daycare winter program next week!

I'm trying to finish up EJ's stocking in time for Christmas, as well as planning a baby shower for my sister, and all of the usual holiday hustle and bustle. Usually I'm done shopping by now, but I still have a few things to get...hopefully soon! Then I can start to wrap!

Busy, busy, busy... I promise to post pictures and more updates soon!

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