Sunday, April 18, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies

Yesterday I took Elijah to my friend Mandy's baby shower. There were lots of kids and babies there! I left Mara at home with Jay since I didn't want to be chasing her all over, and it was during her nap time.

The Mama-to-be got a little baby practice, and Elijah just curled right up around her belly! It was so sweet!

Elijah posed (ok, he was asleep) with my friend Tobi's little girl, Elsie. Elsie is 9 weeks old. Elijah is 4 weeks old. There was also another baby there that was 6 weeks old! Lots of babies! Then there were a few toddlers and some older kids too. It was so fun to see everyone and their kiddos. Looking forward to meeting Mandy's new baby very soon!

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