Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Under Two

Two kids under two years old. That's what we're dealing with.

Mara is almost two. She will be 23 months old tomorrow. But, she's still so many ways.

She is getting more used to having a baby around. It's one of the first things she says in the morning, and she is starting to pay more attention to Elijah...sometimes. She has wanted to help hold a bottle for him a couple times.

But, usually I just get nervous if she gets too close to him. She doesn't really know her own strength, and she is so LOUD. He doesn't seem to mind the noise, but does get startled sometimes.

I've only been 'on my own' with both of them a few times so far. Jay had to work this weekend, but my sister Jenna came over for a lot of the time, so that helped me out a ton. I am having a hard time getting around from some back/nerve pain that started while I was pregnant and has stuck around, so it makes things more difficult. So far I've done ok when I've had them both. It's definitely a little overwhelming though, especially when they are both screaming/crying for my attention at the same time. Overall, Mara is dealing with things pretty well though. I mean, her world has really been rocked, so I expected some acting out, and she hasn't disappointed! But for the most part, she is doing ok with things.

Luckily (and I'm knocking on wood as I type this), Elijah has been sleeping quite well at night. Getting some uninterupted sleep definitely helps!! And we're still sending Mara to daycare during the week, so I've been able to focus on Elijah during that time, which is nice. He's usually pretty content as long as he's fed (and man, can this kid EAT!).

So yeah. Two under two. It's kind of scary. But, we're surviving so far. I'm sure things don't magically get easier once the older kid turns two, but you never know...


Andrea said...

I've been there and definitely know what you're going through! It does get easier...just like everyone told me it would...but it's hard to see that when you're in the midst of the complete and total INSANITY! Haha... Don't worry, you will survive and so will they! You'll also get some pretty funny stories out of it to tell them later on! =-)

Claudia said...

My two are 22 1/2 months apart (much like your two). I LOVE the age gap. Yesterday Steven and Natalie played and played and played together for about two hours without absolutely no parent intervention. It was so sweet to watch them and listen to them interact. It is very challenging at the get go, but hang in there. It is SO worth it!! :)