Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm An Aunt!!

My niece Rylee Paige was born on Sunday, September 6th at 12:14pm. She was 8lbs 10oz, and so sweet and mellow! We went to visit her (and proud Mom and Dad) in the hospital that night. It's my first time being an aunt, so I'm pretty excited! She and Mara are about 16 months apart in age, and she will be just 6 months older than our 2nd baby, so I'm excited about the cousins being close in age and hope they will have lots of fun times together! Mara said "hi!" to her new cousin, but otherwise ignored her - she'll be more interested in her when she's moving and making a bit more noise I'm sure!

Michelle and David took Rylee home on Tuesday, and are settling into life with a new baby! Hopefully I will get a chance to get up to see them very soon!!


Claudia said...

Congrats twice!! I'm hoping to become an aunt soon. I gotta get Nate's brother or my sister on that one. So far Steve and Nat are the only kids. I'm so happy for you!

Linda said...

So sweet. Send the new mom and dad our best wishes.