Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can You Guess Mara's Secret??

If the first picture doesn't give it away (can you read her shirt? It was the best shot I could get, she's always on the go!), I'm sure the second one does!

I'm pregnant! Jay and I are expecting our 2nd child in early March 2010. Maybe we'll even end up with a February baby! Ok, not likely :) My official due date right now is March 4th, but I'm guessing baby will come after that.

I'm almost 15 weeks, and still not feeling great. I was hopeful that this pregnancy would be a little easier for me, but haven't had that luck yet. I have been nauseous since about 6 weeks, and actually vomiting quite a bit this time around. I do ok and can manage it pretty well for the most part. One thing I'm grateful for is that I haven't gotten migraines this time around (believe me, I'm knocking on wood right now). When I was pregnant with Mara that was the worst part - I had them almost constantly from about 9-15 weeks. I have had a few headaches this time, but nothing as bad. I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm starting to get a little energy back. I'm hopeful that some of this nausea will go away soon too. Fingers crossed! It's been a little hard keeping up with Mara some days, but I think I've been doing pretty well, considering.

We're excited and terrified to have two children. :)


Jenny said...

Congratulations Katie & Jay! I know that going from 1 to 2 kids can be a bit scary, but you'll do fine! I hope you feel better sooner than you did when you were pregnant with Mara, Katie. And why do I already have a feeling this is another girl? :)

Jenna said...

:) You guys are great parents Katie, you'll be fine! I cant believe you're that far along already! Love Mara's shirt by the way! haha!

Claudia said...

Congrats!! I'm so happy for you two! I hope things improve. Have you tried ginger? It helped for me with Natalie. Sorry for the unsolicited advice, but not sorry enough to delete it. :)

Andrea said...

Congrats!! Lili had that same shirt! There's actually a onesie that says "Little Brother" in blues and browns that matches her tshirt...IF you have a boy... If you have a girl, I guess you could still get it for her and just mess with people's heads a bit! =-)